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These are my philosophy notes

This site will host some essay-style writing, blog posts, socratic-dialogues, and maybe some aphoristic comments and questions.

The purpose of this site is to gather and organize thoughts in a public place.

As for what kind of content will be here, I am very interested in the topics of epistemology, ethics, metaethics, existential threats, and the philosophy of mind.

My hope is that I will have bandwidth to update here semi-frequently. I am optimistic that having these thoughts "out there" will pressure me to put more effort towards their thoroughness, coherence, and organization.

Everything here will be a 'living document', subject to change and revision, as I think most of one's beliefs should be.

"... Philosophy is concerned with "how things in the broadest possible sense of the term hang together in the broadest possible sense of the term." Philosophy aims at an overall picture of what the world is like and how we fit into it.",

Wilfrid Sellars

"Of course I cannot break through the wall by battering my head against it if I really have not the strength to knock it down, but I am not going to be reconciled to it simply because it is a stone wall and I have not the strength.",

The Underground Man